BIRTH CONTROL AND THE BIBLE 1.                    
Dear Les, and whoever may read this,
I have offered a book called the Bible and Birth Control for people to read. To date I have not seen a good book about divorce and remarriage, and because of this I would like to concentrate on writing one. Although there are things I can add to this book (The Bible And Birth Control), I feel that there is enough in it to convince anyone who truly desires the truth about birth control and the Bible. Furthermore I do believe that if anyone really wanted the truth, it may be found quite easily without even opening your Bible. A full study on birth control and the Bible would be beneficial, but the truth may be found by answering a few simple questions. Q1. What is more valuable than a life, (a soul)? Q2. Isn't life in Gods hands? Q3. By planning your family are you not taking that life into your own hands? I know that the first time I thought about it, these were the questions I asked myself. And if anyone can answer these questions honestly my job is done. You may say well itís not that simple, (Oh but it is)! The first five words in the Word of God are, "In the beginning God created." If people truly believed this, then I would not be sitting here trying to prove it. And as they don't (unfortunately), they will possibly not be persuaded by reading this book or by anything that I might add to it. Because unfortunately most people are not open to the truth, but have decided what they will accept and what they won't, even before the truth is presented to them. Nevertheless people have been known to see the error of their ways, and I do hope that this may be the case. In Luke 16 we see the parable of the beggar Lazarus and the rich man. Lazarus died and went to be with Abraham and the rich man died and went to hell. The rich man being in torments asked Abraham to send Lazarus to speak to his five brothers to warn them not to come to the place that he was, but he was told that they have Moses and the prophets; let them hear them. But the rich man said, nay, father Abraham: but if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent. And he said unto him, if they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded; though one rose from the dead. Don't wait for some amazing sign from God, He probably will not come in person to confirm what I am now telling you. This may be the best warning you will ever get. So please do open your ears, eyes and hearts. Be honest with yourself and God, you know in your heart what I am telling you is the truth. The first mistake that people make is to assume that family planning is OK and that someone has to prove that it is not, and probably would not be satisfied even if I found a verse that said, "Attention all Christians, family planning is sinful, signed God." Of course there is no such scripture, but there is, however, plenty of scripture clear enough for someone to see the truth, if they really wanted to. But firstly it is a mistake to seek proof that family planning (FP) is sinful, because to think that something is not sinful unless the Bible specifically says so, is wrong for these reasons. 1. This kind of mind set is hell bent on doing things your way unless there is indisputable evidence that you are wrong. This is not being open to the truth, but being set on doing our own thing. Whereas we should be set on finding what is right and true whether it is explained clearly or not. And no. (2), as I said if we would honestly answer those three questions I asked then we would not think that we need proof that we should not practice FP, but we would rather think that proof is needed to show that we can practice FP. We all know that life is in God's hands, this is a well-known and indisputable fact, so why do we need proof that we can't plan our family? We need proof to say that we can, and there is not one shred of evidence to support it, nothing at all, you want real proof! I give you real proof and still you are not happy, it's not good enough for you. I am accused of trying to make a doctrine out of one verse (among other things), but let me ask you: where is your proof? Set it before me. You will need a good solid foundation to justify taking someone elseís life out of Gods hands and into yours. Where is the proof that you need to show me? Don't just shrug it off and make fun of what I just asked you. I am serious. Think about it, and try to give me an answer. A soul is the most valuable thing there is; one soul is worth more than all the riches in the earth, we can't even begin to understand how much a soul is worth to God. Yet Christians think nothing of taking this life from God. Our children are not even really ours. I could go through all the scriptures, but you know this anyway. In the Word, God calls our children His, and even we belong to Him. I do dare to call it murder and I could not with a clear conscience call it anything else. You may say that it cannot be called murder because (a). They were never alive and (b). No blood was shed. We will look at (a) shortly when we discuss predestination. And as for (b) no blood needs to be shed in order to take life. If you choke someone to death he will be every bit as dead as if you shot him. Murder is to take someone elseís life in one way or another, which is exactly what family planning does, except it is worse than shooting someone in a way because you cannot take the soul of someone who has lived, and he has at least lived for a time, but to take someoneís life before it begins denies not only their right to live but also a soul. It is also in the very least stealing because you are taking something that doesn't belong to you. And not just anyone, from your own flesh and blood. You take your own childrenís lives and refuse to give them their right to live. And this life also belongs to God. And for what important reason? The finance factor or it is too hard or too embarrassing, or any other selfish reason which we see as important enough to deny a life. People have said to me that it is not fair on my other children to have even more brothers and sisters come along, because they would then apparently miss out on some attention. But do they stop to think how fair it is to take their other children's right to live? Is that fair that they are denied a life altogether? And let me tell you something, my children would not be happy at all if I told them that we were not going to have any more babies. They may fight as all children do but they all love each other and truly welcome a new brother or sister as they have not been brainwashed into the general attitude that nobody wants more. Anyway I am sure we could all agree that stealing a loaf of bread is sinful, because the scriptures say thou shalt not steal. Even if you are hungry (thou shalt not steal) even if life may be hard with many children (thou shalt not steal), it is the same principal but I would have less difficulty getting people to agree that to steal a loaf of bread is sinful. It is not yours it belongs to the baker and if you take it without permission then you are stealing; this is sinful. But people think nothing of taking a life from God; therefore they consider a loaf of bread to be of greater value than the life of one of their own unborn children. All of this may be easily understood before you even open your Bible. God gave man to have dominion over the fish of the sea, the fowl of the air and every living thing that moves on the face of the earth, but He did not give him dominion over human life, this was left for God. So what gives you the right to make these decisions? This life belongs to God and how dare you take it and think nothing of it. You may think I am being too hard but quite frankly I believe the time has come that I must be so, and you may think and say what you will of me, it is nothing new to me to be judged anyway. Now we will look at predestination, even though this has already been covered in the book I mentioned, as almost everything is, nevertheless we will refresh our memories, due to the fact that it is important to understand this before I show you something I just discovered since Les spoke to me about these things, and it caused me to ponder on something which previously I had not given enough thought to. People tend to justify their actions on the grounds that even though they did use preventative measures they are not guilty of taking life because these children, whose lives they are supposed to have taken are not here. Therefore they say these children could not have been predestined to be here or otherwise they would be, so they say that they are guiltless. When we look closely at this idea it becomes apparent how foolish it really is. Firstly they say they are not guilty of preventing these lives from coming to the earth because they are not here? But of course they are not here, this is what I am accusing you of. Although I do understand where you are coming from, but the fact that they are not here doesn't prove that you are sinless but rather sinful. What you are saying is that they are not here and therefore were not predestined to be here, since nothing can stop the mighty will of God. This is in fact true in a way, yet it is still foolish to say so and you are still guilty. Mr. Proven explains this very well in his book, which not many are willing to read. He points out that if what you say is so, then in fact nothing is sin. If I was to take a gun and shoot my neighbor in the head and kill him, I could then say that I have not sinned because nothing can stop God's mighty will. God surely could have stopped me, he could have made the bullet miss but He did not, therefore murder is OK. Or Perhaps I like to set houses on fire and since nothing can stop God's mighty will, arson must be OK. Is this not total foolishness? Yet people do accept these things, and don't give any thought as to what they say, and even though I have revealed the foolishness of it people will still accept this foolishness instead of the truth because they are not really interested in truth, but want to live the way that pleases them. These children are not here because God knew in advance that you would sin by not letting them live, and so by Gods foresight, were not predestined to live. Nevertheless your actions were in fact sinful and did prevent these lives from coming to the earth. Furthermore this is apparent to those who choose to be so blind as to say such things, because if they really believed that they were not hindering God's mighty will, and could not, then they would not have taken these precautions, (whatever they may be), in the first place. If they were sure that they could not hinder God's mighty will then why would they waste their time, effort, and money, by taking preventative measures. Obviously they do agree, if not by their words then by their actions, that it is possible to hinder Gods mighty will, (so to speak). Yet they have the audacity to stand in front of me, and God, to say that they are not hindering God's will. Shame on you! Sure, God can give you children no matter what you do, but does this mean that He will? And you cannot say that you are not attempting to stop Him. Nobody says, "Fill my glass please," whilst having their hand over the top of it. When you look at all the different methods of birth control, (and in this I include NFP natural family planning methods in the church) because even though people don't like to hear this described as a form of birth control, it is, because birth control is controlling birth. Anyway, as I was saying, different methods of birth control are each attributed a certain percentage of effectiveness. What does this mean? It means, for example, the pill is 98-99% effective in controlling birth, or in other words, preventing a pregnancy and bringing a life into this world. The pill is up to 99% effective in achieving this goal, these are the statistics, the pill is effective 99% of the time. Now it is not a question of the effectiveness of your (method), but the fact that a method is used with any percentage of effectiveness. The fact that they can attribute a percentage to a method shows that the method in question is to that degree effective in birth control. They cannot say this if it was not a fact. They cannot say that the pill is up to 99% effective in birth control unless it were true. These are the statistics (or facts) and these statistics (I would imagine), would in fact be the same whether you are a Christian or not. Birth control to varying degrees, is effective in what it is designed to do, and that is to control birth, so says the statistics. The fact is, if you use birth control then you control birth to a large degree and effectively prevent God-given lives from entering into the world. Which is of course why people decide to use it. So how dare you tell me you leave it in God's hands, when you have obviously taken it into your own? If you really have left it in God's hands, who gives and takes life as He will, then you need not do anything except to have relations with your wife. He is quite capable of performing His will without your assistance. God does not tell us to start or stop having children, although many will affirm He does. He does not need your help or hindrance, this He does alone because He is God, the author of life and you, may I remind you, are not. All of this as I said can be clearly seen and understood without even opening your Bible. However now we will have a brief look at the Onan incident. There are of course many more scriptures but as I have said most of this is covered in the book The Bible And Birth Control. Even though you may think that I am not open to hear any valid arguments, I am, (when I am looking into a matter). But now that I have come to understand these things and know that it is the truth, and have heard just about every argument there is to be had, there is not a doubt in my mind that there is not a sensible point to be made by those who oppose God and His Word. It is certainly a good thing for you to be warned of these things again, and because Les is about to bring certain points to my attention, I have thought more about these things and so have discovered something new that I have not seen before. In Genesis chapter 38, we see the well-disputed case of Onan the son of Judah who was killed by God. The point of debate is, of course, why God killed him, for this will determine whether or not God allows birth control. One point Les has mentioned is that he feels the author of the book did not look properly into this chapter. I would have to agree actually, although I do not want to put Mr. Proven down in any way. I think that he has done an excellent job and has looked into things that I had not thought of. Les, I assume, from our brief discussion on the matter will be trying to give an alternative view that Onan was killed by God for having little respect for the coming Messiah and perhaps even deliberately trying to destroy him, and not only this but combined with the fact that he was selfish and cruel towards Tamar his father and dead brother. Perhaps one of the reasons Mr. Proven did not look into these things is because nobody at that time asked him about this, and also the fact that there is no foundation to build this upon because there is nothing written at all to support this theory. And, as he did say concerning another matter, that we should not go beyond what is written. He did however speak about Genesis chapter 38 and pointed out why none of the usual arguments made sense and that it quite plainly stated what Onan did and for this was killed, so perhaps he feels that he has covered all that is written. Since having spoken to Les, I thought about the Messiah issue even more, even though I knew this could not be the reason why God killed him, because believe it or not God has revealed to me by revelation the truth already. You may think and say what you will about this. But in order to prove the truth we must look into all avenues. And upon looking into these things I found that it would not have been possible for Onan to have known or even thought it could have been a possibility for Christ to come through the line of Judah. Because although we all know that this is the case now, he at the time did not, for nobody did. It was only at Jacob's deathbed that these things were revealed. As Jacob was dying he prophesied and spoke of future events including whose line the Messiah would come down through. This was the first mention of these things and was long after Onan was dead. It is true that he must come through one of Jacob's sons and (I could be wrong), but I would have thought these sorts of privileges are expected to go firstly to the eldest, although often this was not the case. But Judah was not the first born he was not even the second, or third, he was fourth in line. So as far as I can see, Onan had no reason to believe that Christ would come through his father's line, and there is nothing to say otherwise. This is the point I made in order to prove that God did not kill Onan because of this. But now thinking about it, if God did kill Onan for this, it would in fact help my argument, although I will not go back on what I believe to be true in order to win an argument; we should only be interested in believing and saying what is right. So how does this help me? Well when you think about it, this theory, although not true, is actually like a window into your hearts. Lets just say that you were right and that Onan had absolutely no respect for the coming Messiah. In fact let's say that terrible person actually set out to stop the Messiah from entering into this world. That disgusting creature spilled his seed on the Ground with no respect or care for the things of God. How dare anyone even think about doing such a thing to our blessed Lord and Savior, Because we as Christians love Jesus and it is hard for us to understand how anyone could do such a thing with no respect for the life of the one we are so close to, and love. How does that sound? About right! Well if you can say Amen to that, brother and sister, then you have just hung yourself. Because those who say that the sperm is not a life and that birth control does not hinder God's will and does not stop the life of children etc., or that God simply allows birth control, they have contradicted themselves in putting guilt on Onan for doing the exact same thing that you allow. In saying Onan is guilty of this you are now admitting that there is life in the seed for he is guilty of trying to destroy the life of Christ by killing his seed. You contradict all that you said, for you now say it is sinful to use birth control to try to kill Christ. So what you want me to believe is that FP is not sinful unless it is a possibility that Christ (or perhaps someone else important) could be expected to come down through your line. It is OK to waste seed except Christís or someone else important. It doesn't stop life, but you should not try if it is Christ. Birth control is OK, sanctioned by God, except if it is Christ. What you want me to believe is that birth control is only sinful if you are trying to prevent the life of Christ, for this is the only difference between what he did and what you do, (or allow to be done), if you are guilty of these things. A bit of a contradiction don't you think! A bit hypocritical don't you think! In fact when you think about it, no matter how hard Onan may have tried he could not have ever possibly stopped Christ from coming into this world. You may now think that I have contradicted myself after what I have said about predestination, but I have not. The children that are not here on this earth, are not here due to God's foreknowledge. He knew that you would sin and therefore they are not here. But as I said this does not mean that you, (if you have done these things), have not sinned, for then nothing would be sin. The difference is (God's prophetic word), He said that Christ would come and therefore He must, no matter what happens if God has said it then it must come to pass. This doesn't mean that Onan would be guiltless for trying if he was foolish enough to, and I don't believe that he did. So in actual fact he could not stop Christ from coming into this world, but you can stop your children. Yet you say that he is guilty and you are not! That what it all comes down to is the importance of the person involved. What you are really saying is that Christ is worth more than we are, and to this I must agree, but nonetheless you have now made yourselves judges. You say Christ is worth it, but my children are not. It is sin to foolishly try to stop Christ from coming because He is important, but it is not sin to actually stop your own flesh and blood from entering into this world, because you have judged that they are not important enough; even less important than a loaf of bread. You have judged so even before you knew them, before they even had the chance to do good or evil, they could have been pastors, preachers, or prophets. Then again maybe not, perhaps they may have been terrible people, mass murderers, and of such like. The fact is, you don't know; only God does, and whether they would have been good or bad, this is God's business. He makes the good, and the bad, the important, and the seemingly less important. This is His business because He is God, and you, may I once again remind you, are not! The only other thing that you might say (that I can think of), is that God killed Onan for his intentions and not his actions. You might say birth control is OK but Onan wanted to kill Christ. His actions were not sinful, but it was for his intentions and lack of respect for God, that he was killed. But, his intentions were sinful, and the means in which he attempted to carry them out were also. You can't say that it is sin to intend to kill someone, but it is not to actually do it. This would be what you are saying if you believe this. Because what he did, to try to kill him, was not to shoot him, but to spill his seed on the earth. This was the sinful action to carry out his intention to kill Christ. This action was an attempt to kill, and this is sinful not only when it involves Christ but also whomever God sees fit to walk the face of the earth. So to say his lack of respect for God and his intentions were evil is true, which you admit; and in admitting to this you must agree that his actions to fulfil this were too. Which brings us back to the same point, that if it is wrong and sinful to intend and attempt to kill Christ then it is wrong to intend and attempt to kill anyone. Which is what people do when they practice birth control, including NFP. Because although chemicals etc. are not used it is still the same intention and taking of life, and is rightly called birth control. Because that is what it does, (control birth), by deliberately wasting seed. The seed is intentionally sown out of season in order to kill the sperm and prevent a pregnancy. It is actually more accurately called murder because you are responsible for taking the life of another. People seem to think little of this, no doubt partly because the children at this stage are not alive and cannot be seen. Also they think little of these things because (even though they are supposed to be Christian), they think that it is their body and their choice, and that these children are theirs anyway. These things they may not admit, even to themselves, but it is unfortunately true. But dear so-called Christian, your body is not your own, these children are not yours to give and to take, they would have been real live people with their own rights, people with a right to live just as you do. And you do not have the right to take these lives, because they are not yours. You should not even take your own life, let alone someone elseís. It doesn't matter if you change your mind about God killing Onan for his disrespect and attempt to stop Christ from coming. Because whether it was true or not, and whether you believed this or not, you cannot say that it would be OK to try to kill Christ, it has to be sinful. You cannot say that it is OK for someone to do this, It has to be sinful otherwise you are showing your own disrespect to God by saying that it is OK to try to kill Christ. So whether you agree with this theory of Onan's disrespect or not we have to agree that it would be sinful for him to try to kill Christ. And if so then it would have to be sinful for any one else to try to kill Christ also, and not only is it sinful to try to kill Christ but it is also sinful to try to kill anyone, or we make ourselves a judge of who is worthy to live and who is not. So I suppose it doesn't really matter what you think about Onan's thoughts and actions. The fact is that it would have been sinful for Onan to do it and therefore it is sinful for anyone else to do it also. Through this window you can see the hidden darkness in your own heart, although it isn't that well hidden really; it is plain to see. Which brings us back to the same simple questions that I asked in the beginning, and if they were answered honestly to begin with then all of this would not have been necessary. You speak as if you have such love for Christ; how dare anyone think of doing such a thing to Him, yet you have no respect and love for others and count them to be not worthy to live. Is this not hypocrisy? How can you say that you love God and yet have no respect for the life of his children? Sorry, but the time has come to take the gloves off, it is for your own good. I do not want to see you perish, but perish you will, if you don't listen. Let's face the facts; there will always be people who think that I am nothing but a trouble maker and that there are questions that Mr. Proven and I must answer, amongst other judgments of us, and of all that love the truth. To some there will always be something wrong with what we say and do; just ask Gas he has published volumes of rubbish about us in Australia and abroad. People will say we have not made our point or answered questions properly, etc. But what about the questions that we have asked you? We have asked some very good questions and made some very good points, so where are our answers? The fact is that you either don't want to answer, or the answer given is ridiculous. All people can do is pick at every tiny thing you can find in order to tear us down and shut us up. Can't you see that you don't have a decent argument? There is nothing at all worth listening to that you can offer because it is sinful, it is murder, and those who are foolish enough to practice or even condone it will perish. Nothing sensible can be said to defend FP for the simple reason that you are wrong. I have very good arguments and questions that you are unable or unwilling to answer, because I am right, this is the truth and that is why I can put forth a good argument. Can you not see this? I think you can. If we were boxing partners you would be unconscious or perhaps in a coma. Pharaoh refused to humble himself before God while all Egypt was falling down around his ears, and he would not, until all Egypt was destroyed. Yet any fool could see he was losing the battle and so his pride and stubbornness was the end of him. Will you be the same? Will you harden your heart to the end?
Jer 3:3 Thou hadst a whoreís forehead, thou refusedst to be ashamed.
Ez 18:31-32 Cast away from you all your transgressions, whereby ye have transgressed; and make you a new heart and a new spirit: for why will ye die, O house of Israel? For I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth, saith the Lord God: wherefore turn yourselves, and live ye.
How long will you harden your hearts? I do not want any of you to go to hell, even you pastor Gas. But unless you all repent, surely that is where you will go, so please do listen. Wake up before it is too late.
I did not receive a letter, but a phone call from Les. He spoke along these lines as I anticipated but also questioned my decision to stop my fellowship with everyone. He also for some reason questioned whether or not God has our future mapped out. I believe so, but he does not. Read Heb Ch 9 pay special attention to vs 9-23. He also made the point that there was a lot of mention of Calvinists and Lutherans, in the book the Bible and birth control, who were apparently wrong on some issues. I do not know anything about Calvin or Luther, or the history and past beliefs of the Anglicans, Protestantís, Nonconformistís, Evangelical, Presbyterian, Methodistís, Reformed, or Puritan, who were also against birth control. But one thing I do know, is that there were a lot of people who thought that family planning was sinful. In fact, it seems that the majority thought so. These people may not have been right in everything, but I believe they were about this. Not just because they say so, but because it is true. And let me tell you something: the church today is far from perfect also. It was not only Calvin and Luther who thought family planning was sinful, but as it seems basically all who called themselves a theologian as well. There has always been debate about this subject to some degree over the years. But not so long ago, you would have been with the minority.

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