The two letters that I have published here were in response to a couple of questions, which were put to me from a person named Les with whom I used to fellowship with in a small Church. We will be discussing the use of birth control and Onan's sin in these letters.
      Before I updated these letters there were some details about a certain Gas Tadebois, who used to be the pastor of the small church mentioned above, and his wife, Rose. As I said, he has spread many half-truths, lies, and gossip about me and my family. I have removed the things that were said of him as they do not matter now. One thing that I did say was this, "Pastor Gas soon it will be time to go, and there are questions to be answered." I finished writing this letter on 19/5/03. Some time after he fell sick and was diagnosed with cancer of the pancreas and prostate. He is now on death's doorstep, but he has not as yet been able to bring himself to repent and ask forgiveness. I do forgive him, but he needs to repent and ask forgiveness from God, myself, and my family. I do not demand an apology for my sake, as some do. I never have, but he needs to repent for his sake not mine, and if he genuinely does so, then he would ask my forgiveness. All that he has to do is call me, as I am willing to listen to him if he is genuinely sorry. I am sure that he knows this, but it is his pride that holds him back and makes him wait for me to call him. This ought to be a lesson to us all: do not judge, or speak evil of others, and do not reject the Truth. I do hope that he can, and will repent, but this remains to be seen. I will give details of what happens in the near future.


Unfortunately, I did not hear from Gas though he had the opportunity to say something to anyone, including my wife who saw him several times before 10/11/04 when he died in hospital. This does not bring me any joy, as it is a sad thing. I do not like to say where someone has gone to spend eternity, as it is mostly impossible for us to know. It does not look good that he was unable to openly repent, but only God knows what happened in his final moments. It is a sad thing that he is now dead; his church is no more, its candle put out. His wife Rose has yet to repent as well. Nobody is above God's judgment. It does not matter how much good we have done in the past, or what position we hold in the church. We are all expected to keep God's Holy Word; there are no exceptions.

God's and my views on this subject of birth control in the church, or onanism, have left my family and I without a place to fellowship and with very few friends. It is a subject which cuts deeply into the hearts of many today and seems to bring up many ugly things from those who reject the truth. Today, these things hardly receive a second thought, sad to say.
      Nevertheless, it is sinful, but because of today's great blindness many are simply swept away with the others. Although this is basically a joke to most I urge you to consider these things seriously. My intent is not to slap people down for the sake of doing so, but I want people to see the truth and repent so that they may inherit eternal life.
      Please do not be afraid to accept the truth; embrace it, despite the fact you may feel it is too hard to accept, despite that others will think you are crazy, and despite that it may drastically affect your lifestyle and mean facing up to the fact that you were wrong. This last one may be the hardest for some. Many like to rub it in when they prove that they were right, but I will not because this is not a competition, as many seem to think. I know that I fail; I make mistakes, and I have to repent. I am not perfect, either, so my intention is not to slap you down and make you feel bad as many do. But our intention should be to see someone return to the Lord just as they who rejoiced to see that lost sheep found.
      If this causes you to see the truth, do not be afraid. Harden not your heart, but let me rejoice with you when you are found. It is a good thing and a happy occasion when we find our fault and come closer to God. So please, do not be offended by these letters; they are hard but true. The Word of God will often speak very hard, but this does not mean that God does not love His people. On the contrary, he speaks hard because He loves us; what kind of a Father would He be if He spared the rod?
      I would love to do a full study of the scriptures about birth control & natural family planning. Though it may be family planning I would like to do a full study of the scriptures as to how natural it is, and God willing I will one day. But I have found a fantastic book called The Bible And Birth Control which really does cover a great deal on this subject. I recommend that you read this book, as it is the best book that I have read besides the Bible and it cannot be faulted. It was written by a Charles D. Provan.
      Unfortunately, I don't think that you will find it in any Christian bookstores, as they will not stock it, although you may easily find a good range of rubbish. Follow this link to purchase a copy of The Bible and Birth Control.


An Introduction to birth control