The divorce rate these days is shockingly high, and unfortunately even the Christian divorce statistics would not be much better. There is some debate about the actual figures and percentages, but either way even amongst Christians the rate is too high. We will discuss how the Church should view this subject according to the Bible (God's Holy Word). Anyone who truly loves God should be able to recognize this as the truth; I do not say this out of pride, but because it is true. I love God's Word and I love His truth. In 1 Cor 13 we see that the love of God rejoices in truth, and believes all things. I might add that the love of God believes all things (that are true), because we that are His sheep hear His voice. However, we will not listen to lies. There are many lies being spoken today and unfortunately many people are listening, having a desire to live the way that suits them. Certainly this is the truth, not mine but God's. This truth needs to be told, but told in love, especially in this time of great blindness. We are in a time where the blind are leading the blind. These blind leaders will one day have to pay for leading people astray. Of course many of them, too, have been taught the wrong thing about marriage and divorce in the Word of God, but in the end we are all responsible for our own actions. When sharing this truth we must consider how we would feel if we were faced with the fact that we were living in adultery because we listened to the blind leaders of today. How would you feel if you had to separate from your wife, your husband, and your children whom you have made a life with over the years? Now having to go your separate ways to try to start your life over. This is a very serious subject for some and we need to be sensitive to those whose lives are about to be turned upside down. Of course people will not want to accept the truth. Think about what you are asking them to do. So let's have some compassion on those who find themselves in this situation. This of course does not mean that we are to bend the truth, because it can not be bent anyway, the truth is the truth, it is what it is, all we can do is honestly look for it, find it, and obey it. There is a time to be tough when people harden their hearts to the truth and become aggressive but let us at first approach this subject carefully. If you are reading this and these things affect you don't harden your heart, listen to the truth, God will honor your faith and obedience to put things right. It won't be easy but there is no other way if you want to enter the kingdom of God.

The truth about divorce & remarriage